On Thursday, 21st January 2016, Parents of students in SS3 who are candidates of the school preparing for the forthcoming West African Examination Examinations, National Examination Council Examination and the Unified Matriculation Examinations were invited to a stakeholders meeting concerning how to achieve the utmost goal of a successful examination result in the examinations.

The meeting which was scheduled for 4:3opm at the school hall commenced at about 4:45pm with the opening prayer  by Bishop Olawale Olawole whom in his prayer points pointed out the need to pray for the intending candidates to have the DRIVE with which achieving the goals would be made possible. The Proprietress of the school Mrs. Oyekola in her address pointed out the job of nurturing the students to excellence in the examination should not be considered as a single effort to be contributed by the teachers rather a joint one which involves the parents monitoring their activities at home ensuring that they read at all times. in her remarks, she encouraged the students to always take time to practice whatsoever has been taught in school rather than allowing the efforts of both parents and teachers to be in vain.

The Principal Mr. Afolabi Babatunde in his own remarks and observations pointed out that parents should pay attention to their wards and not relent in their prayers. He advised Parents to register their wards for the ongoing UME classes already commenced in the school rather than allowing them the ample opportunity to waste time all in the name of searching for tutorial centers as adequate facilities are present in the school to facilitate the learning. Also speaking at the event was Mr. Oluwadara the Head of Administration of the school who also made synonymous contribution  as the former officers have.

Parents in their responses, urged the school the school to keep up their efforts on the students. Mr. Ajisafe in his own remarks applauded the Mathematics department headed by Mr. Oyebanji for their enormous contribution in ensuring the fright for the subject lessens and interest is developed by students. Other Parents in attendance who also had words to say includes, Mrs. Achonwa, Mrs. Oyedele and Mrs. Fatunla who extensively talked on the issue of lack of co-operation between a specific subject teacher and the students.

Closing Prayer was said by the Vice Principal Mr. Abolarin