May 14, 2016
The school resumes for the 2nd Term Academic Session on Monday 13th January,2020.
December 20, 2019

Christower Nursery & Primary Session on the 2nd June,2016 hosted Parents, Guardians and Pupils to a breathtaking event tagged ” PROFESSIONAL DAY “. The event was held to familiarize pupils of the Nursery Session with their heart desired chosen careers.
The day was activated with the opening prayer which was done by the Head of Administrations, Mr. Oluwadara followed by the reciting of both the National and School Anthem respectively. Welcome Address was said by the ever graceful proprietress Mrs. Oyekola Olanike, who in her speech emphatically expressed her profound and heartfelt gratitude to God and to the Parents for providing the various necessities for the pupils in relations to the profession they are representing. She acknowledged the staffs too for this informative innovation.
First up to address the pupils was Engr. Esan. He detailed to the audience the importance of engineers of all sorts to the societal development. In his analysis, he broadly explained that creativity is the skill of every individual in the sector as various devices and gadgets we all depend on in our day to day activities were all designed and created by engineers.
Other guest speakers present in the event included, Mr. Oyetunde (An Accountant), Mrs. Akinlade (Teacher), Mrs. Babatunde Mary. The closing address was said by the Head-Teacher ,Mrs. Onyekuru and the closing prayer by a Parent.
Images of the event are downloadable below.